Developing conducive asset integrity practices to mitigate risk, achieve higher productivity, reduce costs, and elevate operational excellence.

7th Annual Asset Integrity and Maintenance India Summit 2024

Asset integrity and maintenance are crucial to the organisation because it ensures seamless and continuous production in a safe manner. It is also an established fact that maximizing production is dependent on the health of physical assets. Further, asset integrity is one of the elements that is considered while evaluating risks in operation and maintenance. The global asset integrity management market, in terms of revenue, is expected to grow to about USD 28 billion in 2028 from around 20 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 4.7%. which indicates the volumes of opportunities lies ahead.

The challenges faced by the asset management industry in India and many other parts of the world are essentially three-fold such as organisational – integration of the asset integrity management function into the mainstream business activities, talent related – getting qualified and experienced people, incorporation of the latest advanced technology, both digital and physical.

This summit assumes importance because it will deal with the requirements of operational excellence with equipment and systems that are designed and operated within the intended parameters, and with testing and maintenance that is required according to protocols. With the participation of industry leaders who can throw more light on the subject, the summit promises to be engaging and interesting.

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Topic Highlights

  • Industrial asset management and TEEP calculations
  • Applications and feasible options of AI and ML in the reliability of industrial assets
  • Pipeline corrosion monitoring and pigging options
  • Sharing RCM implementation experience w.r.t to business excellence and safe operations
  • Cleaning and maintenance of gas pipelines
  • Reliability mapping of critical assets impacting safety, environment, and production


  • Addressing critical asset management challenges
  • Long term plant reliability through advanced equipment efficiencies
  • Inspection and corrosion control & management
  • Understanding the application of updated technologies in industrial assets integrity
  • Best practices in AIM
  • Evaluating the risk & reliability of pipeline asset
  • Inspection techniques


Functional Heads of:
  • Plant & Sites
  • Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Reliability
  • Operations
  • Installations
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Corrosion Management
  • Inspection
  • Design & Engineering
  • Loss Prevention
  • Non-Destructive Testing


  • To network and leverage good practices, tangible, and practical insights that exist and are applicable in the industry
  • Opportunities to network with your peers and share cross-industry experiences
  • To review approaches of different industries in handling asset maintenance
  • To know the tangible impact on business through AIM
  • To identify the right technologies beneficial for asset integrity maintenance
  • To leverage and identify the potential challenges posed by future trends in maintenance management and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Industry leader's approach in implementing AIM
  • Business opportunities