Developing conducive asset integrity practices to mitigate risk, achieve higher productivity, reduce costs and elevate operational excellence.


Asset integrity and maintenance is of critical importance to ensure continued production and to aid ensuring a safe working environment. It is crucial in managing industrial assets efficaciously to achieve operational excellence, long-term profitability while ensuring reliability, integrity and safety of the assets and the smooth operation of the plant without any failures, leaks, accidents' and unplanned shutdowns. According to reports, the global asset integrity management market is anticipated to reach a market valuation of USD 34.94 billion by the end of 2023, fetching a 10.1% CAGR. Asia Pacific is estimated to showcase fast-paced growth in the asset integrity management market over the review period. Such growth can also be accredited to the upscaling power consumption and an increase in the adoption of asset integrated management services in many emerging economies. India, China and Japan are anticipated to spearhead the country-specific market for asset integrity management market in Asia Pacific. The presence of highly regulated markets, ageing assets, complex technologies and limited resources put forward a high demand on the industry for asset integrity management. Realization, development and implementation of integrity management strategies which minimize risks, gain certainty and achieve operational excellence are the need of the hour. By implementing an effective asset integrity management system industry will significantly reduce serious risks to human lives, assets and to the environment while contributing to the improved business performance.

In the light of this '3rd Annual Asset Integrity and Maintenance Summit' will focus on addressing the key issues, challenges and best practices of asset integrity management and maintenance to help professionals effectively manage their assets to deliver value, achieve long term profitability of their organization by balancing risks, costs and performance. This summit will throw light on various techniques, practices and solutions to ensure improved reliability and integrity of new and aging assets and effective methods to mitigate the risk.



  • Digital asset integrity management - Need & challenges
  • Asset information strategy to mitigate risk and manage critical assets throughout their life cycle
  • From predictive to prescriptive maintenance - Monitoring machine health and optimizing production with data & machine learning
  • Application of proactive maintenance techniques with Reliability Centred Maintenance
  • Exploring cost effective & technically sound solutions in Inspections & NDT
  • Ensuring asset integrity & reliability for effective process safety management


Functional Heads of:
  • Plant & Sites
  • Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Reliability
  • Operations
  • Installations
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Corrosion Management
  • Inspection
  • Design & Engineering
  • Loss Prevention
  • Non-Destructive Testing
From following verticals:
  • Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities
  • Petrochemicals
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing & heavy engineering
  • Others affected by asset integrity & maintenance issues



  • Discover the best practices and guidelines to develop an asset integrity management program
  • Map out the latest emerging strategies to reduce operational risks and achieve operational excellence
  • Gain in-depth guidance on latest solutions and techniques to manage asset integrity at a lower cost and to safely extend the operating lives of key assets
  • Evaluate ways to implement a proactive approach to avoid incidents and equipment failure
  • Discuss the latest technology to enhance integrity of assets and potential applications on harnessing technology for asset management
  • Learn the importance of developing process safety management program and HSE strategies to achieve better productivity and an effective AIM culture
  • Learn about the latest RBI, corrosion and NDT techniques
  • Evaluate strategies to achieve the extend life cycle for new and aging assets and ensure safe operation of the facilities and assets
  • Understand the development and current improvements in AIM programs across the industries
  • Leverage on this golden opportunity to meet and connect with asset integrity experts across the industries

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